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Work Recent Digging

WhosOnLocation - Online Visitor Management Solution

Client Liaison / Website Architecture / Custom Solution / Back End Build / Front End Build / Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Client   LocatingUs
Date   2007-2012
Website   whosonlocation.com

In 2007, I was approached by Darren from LocatingUs who had a fantastic idea for a product - an online Visitor Management Solution. He needed a developer who could turn his idea into a working, breathing, robust web application. The product has numerous NZ and international based companies reliant on it, from government departments to small businesses. It is an ongoing success.

Depression - Mood Monitor

iPhone Application Development
Client   PaperKite
Date   2011-2012
Website   paperkite.co.nz

PaperKite contracted me to complete a re-skinning of their popular "Bipolar - Mood Monitor" application (also developed by Molehill Creations). The application is an elegant and simple way for people with Depression to monitor their moods on a daily basis. The outcome is a sexy, simple to use app that has proven to be very useful to its users.

Red Bull Music Academy

Client Liaison / Website Architecture / Team Leader / Back End Build / Front End Build / Existing CMS Integration / TYPO3 CMS
Client   Red Bull Music Academy
while working for Delete London
Date   January 2010
Website   rbma.deletelondon.com

The Red Bull Music Academy ran for two months in London starting February 2010 showcasing a global array of the future stars with greats from the past through a series of lectures, sessions and events.

My role for the project was to lead the development team to ensure the tight deadlines were met and the platform produced was up to the standard which Red Bull has been known to achieve. My other responsibilities included liaising with the Red Bull development team to ensure our work seamlessly integrated with their existing CMS.

Bipolar - Mood Monitor

iPhone Application Development
Client   PaperKite
Date   2011
Website   paperkite.co.nz

Local mobile application development group PaperKite needed some extra man power to ease their workload, and so contacted me regarding the development of a relatively simple and elegant application for people with the Bipolar disorder to monitor their moods on a daily basis. The outcome is a sexy, simple to use app that has proven to be very useful to its users.

Decca Records

Client Liaison / Website Architecture / Team Leader / Back End Build / Custom Solution / Existing CMS Integration / Zend Framework
Client   Universal Music
while working for Delete London
Date   February 2010
Website   decca.com

Decca Records is home to a diverse range of music artists including Classical, Jazz, Pop & Rock and Americana.

My role for the project was to lead the development team during the initial stages of the project development. I had to construct a synchronisation tool to synchronise the content stored on the clients bespoke CMS system with our own bespoke, Zend Framework based content delivery system. The content was synchronised using SOAP requests and cached locally to enable quick delivery of content and images.


Client Liaison / Website Architecture / Custom Solution / Platform Build / Ongoing Support and Maintenance / Zend Framework
Client   LocatingUs
Date   2010-2011
Website   whosidcard.com

After working for a few years on WhosOnLocation with Darren from LocatingUs, LocatingUs required my services again to develop a new product for his business. An online ID Card Management solution. Everything from signing up through to setting up card templates, card holders and printing cards is all managed through an elegant, easy to use, web interface.

Babyliss Pro

Website Architecture / Team Leader / Back End Build / Front End Build / Custom Solution / Zend Framework
Client   Babyliss Pro
while working for Delete London
Date   March 2009
Website   babylisspro.co.uk

BaByliss Pro offer a wide range of professional quality hair and beauty products.

My role in the project was team leader and lead developer. Developing a bespoke Zend Framework based website including a blogging engine, product management, and a social driven style awards section. The design was pixel perfectly constructed using HTML, CSS and jQuery. All content is managed through a custom built CMS to manage every aspect of the website.

Services Possible Expeditions

I specialise in both front-end web development (including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) as well as server side application languages (including PHP and MySQL).

Front End Development

My front-end development utilises standards-based markup and will usually incorporate industry leading open source libraries such as the jQuery javascript library. I am up with the play on all the latest HTML5+CSS3 tom-foolery but have also been around long enough to have spent many a long night debugging IE6 weird issues.

Back End Development

I have extensive experience with off-the-shelf CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Expression Engine but, where necessary, I always prefer to build a website solution from scratch using my framework of choice, Zend Framework.

Not Just A Developer

I have been involved with every step of the process on many different projects at one time or another.

I have also worked with numerous top notch web and interface designers who would be happy to team up with me again should design work be required. Molehill Creations is a full service company.

Should a web development project require more miners down the hole, I have an extensive network of freelancers I work with, and I can assemble the perfect team for your project.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • GNU/Linux
  • Apache
  • Zend Framework
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Expression Engine
  • MVC
  • CMS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
Services - Web

About Moles

I'm a Web and iPhone Application developer from windy Wellington, New Zealand


Hi! My name is Tom Peck. I'm the Chief Mole around here.

Great Digging Expertise

Over ten years ago, sometime in 2001, I landed my first web development job. Before this, I had dabbled in HTML and knew a few basic programming languages. I had watched as the the internet came of age and knew without a doubt that this was the direction I would love to head in. I never looked back.

Global Expeditions

Now, after travelling the globe and living in distant lands where I learned new tools and earth moving techniques, I now reside in my home town, Wellington, New Zealand with my extraordinary wife, Gini, and have set up shop.

A New Dig

This is where Molehill Creations comes in. Formed in January, 2011, Molehill has helped me to manage a thriving freelance workload for various clients. From architecting online web applications to iPhone application development, I love what I do.

Expanding Tunnels

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain

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Clone Consulting Limited

Specialising in FreeBSD support, development, system administration and architecture.

Understand what link aggregation, bi-directional SMS messaging system, rapid spanning tree support, web accelerator or SCADA firewalling are? I sure don't, but Clone does!



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